During a lifetime, we experience many relationships (i.e., familial, genuine friends, friendly associates, colleagues, etc.).  I believe that the relationship we have with ourselves affects every significant relationship. 

As you may know, my life is literally an open book. The primary reason I decided to share my story was to help others heal (“When a Lie Becomes the Truth” p. 182).  Sometimes we too easily believe what our parents or intimate partners tell us, only to discover they are/were lying.  Once you experience the pain of deception, you’ll probably come to value honesty a whole lot more (at least I did). 

I believe that in order to be truthful with other people we must first get honest with ourselves.  Most people want the truth but may not hold themselves to the same standard.  Let me explain what I mean.  Think about how many times we tell ourselves that we’re going to lose weight, we’re going to eat healthy, we’re going to drink fewer sodas, we’re going to drink more water, we’re going to stop smoking, we’re going to stop drinking, we’re going to exercise, we’re going to read more and/or watch TV less, we’re going back to school to complete the course of study we started many years ago, we’re going to clean the closet, or re-organize the living room.  Have you ever made a promise to yourself that you didn’t keep?  I think we all have!  If we do that to ourselves, how likely are we to do it to other people?  We bring ourselves to every relationship (big or small… short-term or long-term).  So, how important is truth in terms of how we relate to others?   

In most cases, I think it’s easier to pretend to be “honest” with other people because other people only know what we tell them.  The truth of the matter is that all relationships deserve our best effort, to be honest in every situation.  When we lie to someone, it negatively impacts our credibility, not only with that other person but also with ourselves.  And, even if we don’t get “found-out” we know that we haven’t been authentic. 

Each of us is a work in progress, striving to improve one day at a time.  There is no “magic wand” that will produce the results we want to experience.  It really is up to us to be the change that we want to experience.  With focused deliberate effort, all things are possible.  Whatever it is you’ve intended to do, why haven’t you done it?  What’s holding you back?  What are you telling yourself that has you stuck?  Why are you procrastinating?  What’s your excuse?  I’m asking these questions because I, too, seek a deeper understanding and have some things I want to get done.  I know first-hand that when we don’t complete what we start, it has an effect on our psyche. And, when we don’t keep our word to ourselves how likely are we to keep our word to others? 

I simply want to encourage you to go for it!  Whatever your “IT” is.  I want to see you take action to achieve your goals, dreams, and desires to create the life you want and deserve.  Let’s commit to clear out the clutter in our minds.  Let’s get organized and prepare to achieve our heart’s desire.  Let’s journey together towards truth, integrity, and authenticity.   

Trust me, you’re worth it and I believe YOU deserve it!   

Why does truth matter?  Truth matters because YOU MATTER!  Let’s get real!  Let’s get it done!  Starting NOW!  This is your season! 

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