Jackie Harden is a best-selling author, life coach, and motivational speaker. Over the past 30+ years, she has transformed her life from a struggling single mother to a six-figure professional and entrepreneur. For decades, Jackie Harden was viewed as a hard-working single mother. She spent years working three jobs to make ends meet, all while being enrolled in school and leading different parent organizations. But what people didn’t realize behind her smile was her internal battle, which has become an incredible testimony. That testimony led Jackie to write her first book When a Lie Becomes the Truth, a personal memoir about uncovering deeply held family secrets that involve abuse, lies, and deception. In the process of discovering her true identity, Jackie struggled with the guilt and shame associated with abuse, drug addiction, and other forms of self-inflicted pain. The book chronicles Jackie’s journey of self-discovery — from pain to creating a life of prosperity.


Stories of Women Rising to Greatness Despite their Circumstances…
An Anthology By Dr. Denise Nicholson
Foreward by Lisa Nichols

“This book is dedicated to all who are struggling to make sense of life. To all who feel the pressure of just being. All the things you are experiencing and all the things you have experienced will work for your good. Don’t be ashamed or afraid to STAND on your story. You have the power to Become Dynamic.”

21-Day Weight Release Journey

Create the Best Version of YOU: Mind, Body & Soul

It happened. It hurt; but, have you healed?
Are you ready to release the weight both physical and non-tangible (i.e., thoughts and feelings that do not serve your greater good)? Over the course of 21-days, we explore and discover what holding onto the weight is costing you. Through a process of daily exercise, improved nutrition, reading, and journaling we work together to release weight. The ultimate goal of the 21-Day Journey is to bring the mind, body and soul into alignment to manifest your desired outcome.


A Personal Memoir...

It’s a family saga where Coach Jackie courageously sets out on a journey of self-discovery and shares the gut-wrenching truth about deeply held family secrets. This is a story of one woman’s struggle to move past the pain of lies, loss and deception to arrive at a place of peace, redemption, truth and triumph.


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The book launch for When A Lie Becomes The Truth.