With the outbreak of COVID-19, everyone has been required to wear a mask when in public and must also maintain a safe distance from one another.  As I listened to people complain about wearing a mask, it made me think about the mask that many people wear every day and this was happening even before the viral outbreak. I’m not referring to a tangible mask but a mask nonetheless to conceal your true feelings and identity.

There was a time in my life when I didn’t think I was good enough or worthy.  I behaved in a manner to appear pleasant, poised, and professional.  But the conversation I had with myself was self-defeating.  I held on to feelings of anger and doubt that needed to be healed.

Have you ever found yourself pretending to be alright when, in fact, you were hurting, sad, frustrated, or confused?  Sometimes we try to make everything look good on the outside and go along with what’s happening around us when internally we know that our feelings and our actions are not in alignment.

Every day we get to choose how we will show up.  When you decide to be authentic you will be able to remove the mask and walk in the truth of who you are.  If you have worn a mask to cover your true thoughts and feelings, there may be layers to work through to actually get to the essence of who you are.  Give yourself permission to express all that the ultimate force of the universe created you to be.  Unapologetically pursue your purpose and your passion.

Take action for yourself.  If you don’t know where to begin, start by writing down areas in your life that you want to improve.  Be detailed and specific. Envision yourself creating the life you want.  How will it feel when you release the weight?  How will it feel when you get that college degree? How will it feel when you have the career of your dreams? How will it feel to release credit card debt? How will it feel to experience love and connection? As you see it, you will have it.  Allow your true self to be fully expressed.

Take off the mask and take deliberate action to fulfill your goals, dreams, and desires.

You have every right to be healthy, happy, and whole.


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