What a crazy ride you’ve had! Each trauma alone would break someone less strong than you. So many lied about and shameful events of the generations before you shaped you young and difficult life. You have risen above troubled days with the odds stacked against you. You are victorius over them and worthy of so many wonderful things.


Reading her story I was moved at points to tears, sometimes from sadness and many other times from the understanding that comes from learning the truth and the joyof freedom that can provide. This book is a guiding light. A must read.

Sara Basloe
Master Result Coach

A rich account that puts some of life’s sincerest lessons on full display… front and center… for the reader to absorb, experience, and gain from!

Maria R

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Your beliefs determine how you move about in the world. They drive what you think, who you are, and what you do. They keep you in check but sometimes become unhealthy because they limit your growth.

How do you know whether or which ones are limiting beliefs?

My Overcoming Limiting Beliefs workbook will help you find out. You’ll identify, eliminate, and replace your limiting beliefs with ones that support your success.