“What I valued the most about the Vulnerable and Victorious: Celebrating Our Womanhood Workshop is how the participants, as well as myself, were able to open up authentically about their inner feelings. I felt like the group was a safe place for me to express myself regarding sensitive topics in my life that I normally wouldn’t talk to anyone about.  I felt that I was not alone, and that the group served as a support system.  With this program, I have learned  and I am still learning in life that being vulnerable is not a sign of weakness, but a sign of strength and courage.”

~ Sara Green



“The Vulnerable and Victorious women’s workshop was amazing! I am still feeling so new and at peace since attending the workshop. I found that the togetherness of the women being supportive of each other was of most value.  10/10 for the facilitators because of the great energy from both of you [Kristen/Jackie] and how well y’all explained everything by opening up to us in the workshop.”

~ Lori Smith



“Vulnerable and Victorious Women’s Workshop was fantastic. Coach Jackie and Kristen set the tone for authentic and engaging conversations that I believe more women need to have. Their approach to covering sensitive conversations made it easy for women to not only see their stories and vulnerably share life’s journey, but to stand on their stories to become the Victorious Women they have been created to be. This workshop was an on time catalyst to propel women into victorious living. It is my opinion that there is a season for everything in life and when we take off the mask and become vulnerable, we victoriously master our seasons. Authentically standing is who we are as women is powerful. I am definitely looking forward to the next event. I highly recommend you attend the next workshop conducted by Coach Jackie and Kristen!”

~Cheryl Verrett

Transformational Catalyst * Author * Speaker